Forsaken Realm – Part 1 of The Summoner’s War

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Cast into a Dark World!

All Meg ever wanted was to be safe. And rich, of course. She and her sister have been running from trouble all their lives. But this time, one elegant heist has transformed into a story much bigger than either of them realize.

Meg Sylvanheart is a canny young thief and a bard, a drifter in the mythical lands of Adonia. She’s a red-headed lovely who’ll flirt with you happily. Just keep a hand on your wallet.

The only person Meg trusts is her sister, a wizard and a scholar. Jamine is much too smart for her own good. Trained first as a priestess in the cult of Beltaz, she left to pursue magic as a wizard. Meg knows her sister loves her, but more than anything Jamine craves knowledge – and power.

When her sister told her they’d been offered a job the thieves guild wouldn’t touch, to steal a fabulous scepter form Seagate Palace, Meg thought their worries were over. Get this one job done and they’d be set for life.

Now they’ve run afoul of the wrong enemy. Unknown to them, the mysterious Conclave, a shadowy and dangerous group of mages, is poised in a battle for supremacy with the Summoner that will engulf worlds and challenge the very gods.

How could it have gone so badly, so fast? And how are they ever going to get home?

Forsaken Realm – Released 5/19/2017

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