Excuses, Excuses, Exuses!

You may have noticed that my book isn’t out yet. I hope this post will serve as an explanation or at least an excuse.

When I started writing I would have never considered self publishing. At the time there were places you could go to self publish your book. They were often referred to as “vanity press” of “vanity publishers” so my feeling was I didn’t want to be seen as vain. I decided that if I really wanted to make it as a REAL author I needed to find a publisher and have them basically validate me as a writer.

With eBooks rise to fame and the dwindling market share of the brick and mortar publishers the world has changed. Now authors often self-publish their eBooks and they can become quite successful. They are REAL writers in every sense of the word.  So I have decided to go the self publishing path, knowing full well that there are probably millions of eBooks I will be competing against. Becoming REAL isn’t any easier. In order to rise to the top of that kind of competition you still have to have a good book that is well written with some kind of a marketing plan.

And that is where I have had a problem. Self publishing means you are by definition doing it all by yourself. Sure I have Cathy helping me along with my daughter Stephanie, my son Chris and others, but none of us are doing this full-time. I am the marketing department and I’ve kinda never done this before. So when I updated my website a few months ago I posted a rather aggressive release date of March 24th for The Forsaken Realm. I should have checked with the editing department (aka Cathy) first.

So the intent of this post is to, apologize, and maybe even make a few excuses, for not publishing on time. I am sorry I lied about March 24th. I really am. It is now almost a month later and, the book still is not out. Again… sorry.  So I updated the release date to May 19, 2017. That gives me over a month to get it right. I let you down before but I promise not to let it happen again… unless it does in which case I will have to go through this all over again. Which will be painful.

As for the excuses, I could say that it just wasn’t quite ready. We needed to put a little more shine on it. Or I could go the way of Jake Blues (John Belushi) when he was forced to make up excuses for the woman he stood up at the altar (Carrie Fisher) and tell you… “I ran out gas! I had a flat tire… I didn’t have enough money for cab fare…”

Never mind, you know where I’m going with this and Jake does it so much better.

So anyway look for…

Forsaken Realm – Part One of the Summoner’s War
Available on Amazon on May 19, 2017

(Don’t make excuses – Just go get the book!)

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