A word about the Mind’s Eye

In 2011 I, just as a test, published what I thought was my nearly completed novel to Amazon. I just wantedME Front Cover to see what it would look like on a kindle. In my excitement I went ahead and left it up for awhile and even told my Facebook friends to check it out.

Two things happened. First, I got some great positive feedback in the form of reviews from people from all over. Second, Cathy, my wife and my editor reminded me that the book was not ready yet. She even pointed out the dozens (or dozens of dozens – something really gross like that) of typos that existed in the text.

The book stayed up for a couple years. I had a fair amount of sales but with every sale I cringed thinking about the typos. Then Cathy hired a Betsy Mitchell (http://betsymitchelleditorial.com/), an amazing editor who once was the main editor at Del Rey Books, to edit my book. The result was that it was confirmed that the book was good and on the right track for publishing, but it needed some work – even beyond the typos. So I spent some time in rewrite and then after some delay, I pulled The Mind’s Eye down from Amazon.

The work has changed a lot. The scope of the story covered in The Mind’s Eye is now covered in the first Two books of The Summoner’s War (Forsaken Realm and Oathbound) but with a whole lot more.

So if you are one of the people who downloaded The Mind’s Eye I would recommend that you check out the new and improved version in The Summoner’s War. (Available Soon on Amazon and this Website.)